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Try our personal data concierge.

Get started with a demo of our personal data concierge. Call the number mentioned below and talk to it about the sample data listed here.

+1 (206) 687-4407

Direct integration with WhatsApp for Business for global customers.

With 200 million monthly active users, more than 50% conversion rate and 85% SMBs in Asia-pacific using WhatsApp for Business, our integration supports data workflows unlike any other offering. Take a quick look at the demo here.

No data engineering skills needed.

Ask questions in plain english

UnSQL speaks your language. It understands your data, inside and out, getting smarter with every question.

Expose your insights to the world

Generate single-click APIs. Leave things such as security and throttling to us while you focus on exposing your insights and dashboards to the world.

Everything your data needs.

Powered by UnSQLv1

UnSQL harnesses our cutting-edge text-to-SQL model, supporting 24 distinct SQL databases and facilitating seamless syntax conversion between them, simplifying analysis and migration processes.

Personal Data Concierge

Engage directly with your data by simply dialing your assigned cell phone number and conversing about its analysis. Eliminate the need for internet connectivity or extended screen time to extract valuable insights from your data.

Constant Learning

Leverage the intelligence of past inquiries to inform current ones, slashing your data team's future workload by at least 10x. Verified responses are archived, empowering smarter and more precise answers.

Automated Insights

UnSQL's AI goes beyond basic metrics. Discover customer churn, upsell opportunities, ROAS, LTV, and more. Optimize spending, set dynamic pricing, and unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts.

Legacy Database Support

Still using UniSQL or an ancient version of SQL Server? We got you covered! Our team will adjust to your needs and fine-tune our model for your use case.

Community Marketplace

Use our community marketplace to discover how our customers are engaging with their data and get inspired to derive new meaning from your data.

Data security you can trust.

At UnSQL, data security isn’t a checkbox, it’s our commitment. Our expert team and cutting-edge technology ensure your information is shielded 24/7, giving you complete peace of mind.

On-premise analysis

Our platform guarantees non-ingestion of your data unless expressly authorized by our customers for enhanced customization or enterprise assistance. All data analysis computations occur on-premise within the customer's infrastructure, ensuring maximum security and control.

Audit logs

Detailed audit logs enable comprehensive tracking of all data interactions, fostering transparency and accountability to fulfill privacy and compliance mandates effectively.

Role-based access control

Utilize role-based access control for precise management of user permissions, guaranteeing restricted access to designated data sets solely for authorized personnel.

SOC II Type II Compliance

We are on track to hold SOC 2 Type II certification, showcasing our dedication to upholding the highest security and privacy benchmarks in the industry, ensuring your confidence in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Supports 24+ databases.

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